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Enimga Journal Kelly Lovett

Volume one, The Collisions of Twos

Enigma is an annual publication of carefully curated photography, science, sustainable architecture, culture, interviews, poetry, and articles from intentional individuals and artists around the world.


Founded and created on Vancouver Island in 2020 by Kelly-Casey Lovett, its intention is to pose inspiration, expansion, curiosity, unity, hope, and emotion, while highlighting the polarities of our most primeval selves, and with that, the primal identity crisis of being human in today's world. Volume one of Enigma sold out in every continent of the world in less than three months which set a healthy foundation and the fundamental pillars for Lovett to continue Enigma and her vision with persistence and continued gratitude for the inspirational voices and individuals that have been involved. 

Volume II, Likewise, is Now available online and in selected stores.





   The Limbs  

The beginnings of Enigma written 05/20

    There are happenings that exist within the human experience that have the ability to knock you so efficiently off your foundation that you are given the rare opportunity to completely reimagine what it is you might be made of. I have had this happen exactly twice during my time on this soil, and I have been here long enough now to know how easy it is to feel consumed by our oneness; to get lost in the infinate universe of being human. I am finding as life goes on that the more I think I know myself, the farther I learn I must travel. 

This past year has been one of those years, it happened all together and at once, and so it always goes-
It was long conversations with the night, holding my own hand, and waking up in unfamiliar places in order to leave behind all the things I had once held feverishly close. It was finding unending metaphors in the endless bloom of Night Phlox, phosphorescence, and the Aurora Borealis, beautifully woven together in the darkness of the night sky in Idaho. It was realizing that I will miss this place once the river takes me elsewhere, and it always does – forever elsewhere. 

It was continuing to love vibrantly – for what is.


Home was a desk with the debris of paper, pens, my non-linear thoughts, and the amalgamation of a relinquished dream. It was laughing at my small-self in the newness of tundra wetlands, wondering if the ground I had covered could be offered up as some sort of consolation prize as reciprocity for the skies that met me there; the inaccessible poem that they were. 

Most days I felt like a hungry child with foolish abandon when I wrote, as If I were making up for lost time. The clutter and mess of piles shows me that life is being lived - tidiness makes me think of held breath, of suspended animation, while writing needs to breath and move- much like me and you.

The first Volume of Enigma is called The Collisions of Twos, inspired by the harmonization of Nature & Nurture both in our external landscapes and the infinite meandering rivers and horizons of our inner ones. The Yin and Yang, the form and the formless, the past and present, the light and the dark, the alchemy of the world. It is cover to cover context of my first loves of photography, art, science, sustainable architecture, biomimicry, poetry, and the sometimes-very-tricky-dance of the human experience.
This is truly the strangest life I have ever known. 

Here's looking at you kid. 
Always, a day,


 -Kelly Lovett



For My Papa, Eric Lovett
An artist, sailor, architect; a man of many moons.

A special thank you to Robin Wall Kimmerer for encouraging me to merge my love for science with my often unpragmatic, and usually figurative writing style. She's taught me the two do not have to be mutually exclusive, but further, like most things, have the ability to wisely embolden each other.  

Enigma Journal by Kelly Lovett
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Thank you for your continued patience and support.


Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Av. del Palmar, Norte, Sayulita, Nay. 
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